Flat Mop and Bucket Set, 3 Microfiber Pads for Cleaning

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Color Tan
Material Plastic
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Handle Type Telescopic
Head Material Microfiber

About this item

  • Advanced Mop and Bucket System: The Purrfect Mop and bucket with wringer set features two distinct chambers, 'WASH' and 'DRY.' In the 'WASH' chamber, effortlessly scrub away dirt, while the 'DRY' chamber enables hands-free water extraction, making cleaning a breeze. Please note, wet mopping is recommended to prevent potential issues.
  • Effortless Self-Cleaning Mop: This innovative mop and bucket set simplifies your cleaning routine, saving both time and effort. Let the bucket do the work for you, eliminating the hassle of dealing with dirty water. With a simple insertion and pull, your mop is ready to tackle any mess!
  • Versatile Floor Cleaning Mop: The 360° rotation mop head ensures thorough cleaning, reaching even the trickiest corners and tight spaces. The adjustable stainless steel handle extends 53 inches, allowing for a comprehensive reach. The Bucket is Extremely Stable.
  • Easy to Use and Assemble: The Purrfect Mop is designed to be usable by everyone, even those without a lot of arm strength; as such, our mop is does not require a lot of force to rinse.
  • Space-Saving Design: Each component of this cleaning system conveniently fits inside the bucket, ensuring easy storage. When not in use, tuck it away in a corner without worrying about taking up excessive space.
  • Reusable and Efficient Microfiber Pads: Included in this set are TWO reusable microfiber mop pad refills. These pads boast excellent water absorption capabilities, making both wet and dry cleaning a breeze. After machine washing, they maintain their quality, ensuring long-term usability. You may purchase additional Clean Cats Cleaning Co replacement microfiber pads right here from our store on Amazon!
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